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Crane Transport - Complex Shipping Made Simple

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Crane Shipping Tips, Tricks, and Things You Should Know

Shipping a crane can require complex logistics and adherence to legal requirements that can vary from state to state. VeriTread is here to take the headache out of the entire process. Our service connects shippers with qualified transport companies around the country who have extensive experience in transporting cranes along with other heavy machinery and oversize loads.  The process is streamlined when using our network, but it's always important to know the details of crane transport when you are looking for a hauler.

Smaller cranes known as truck cranes can be driven from site to site and generally move very easily.   Rough terrain cranes can generally be transported on one or two trucks depending on their size and weight.

Most larger cranes (tower and crawler cranes) require 4 or more trucks to transport it from one job site to the next.  Booms, jibs, cabs, and counterweights may all require a unique truck or trailer for transport.  Some of the larger tower cranes can require a dozen trucks.  This complex project can be made even more difficult if oversize or wide loads permits are required and it crosses state lines.  These permits usually take about 10 days after being applied for but some states make them available immediately while others may require an application fee as well--so plan ahead!

A major consideration when shipping cranes and components are their height on the trailer(s). Anything over 13.5 feet tall will require a permit for transport. Width is also important, because anything wider than 8.5 feet will require an oversize load permit, and anything wider than 12 feet will require escort vehicles. It’s important to follow the crane manufacturer’s instructions on disassembling and transporting the machine. Many manufactured have certain steps that must be followed to successfully transport their machine.

Make sure the trailer(s) are on level ground when loading and be aware of any obstacles in the area.  Ensure that any hatches, windows, and doors are closed and properly secured. Strap down any loose items during transport, and remove all personal belongings from the crane’s cab and storage compartments.  If any glass will face forward in the direction of travel, it’s a good idea to protect it from debris with some cardboard.

Finally, make sure that the driver(s) use the crane’s intended strapdown points to strap or chain it in place. Most carriers will send you photos of the loaded crane at both the pickup and drop off points, but it's always a good idea take your own pics to document the crane’s condition before it is driven away.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Crane?

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Shipping a crane is not a task for beginners, especially if it is a large crane that will require disassembly, transport on multiple trucks and reassembly at the job site. Crane transport requires a team knowledgeable about the entire process, from pick up to drop off to ensure your crane is hauled safely and efficiently.

The four main factors the effect the price of shipping a crane are:

  •  Dimensions of your Crane
  •  Trailer Type Utilized in Transport
  •  Distance the Crane needs to move
  •  Loading Assistance and Disassembly

VeriTread can provide a quick estimate to ship a crane by using our exclusive heavy equipment freight estimator.

To receive an actual transport provider quote, can you post your crane to our freight marketing place free of charge and receive vetted carrier quotes from the largest network of equipment transport providers in North America.

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At VeriTread We Transport All Crane Types

Construction Crane Transport Types

  • Aerial Cranes
  • Fixed Cranes
  • Jacking Tower Cranes
  • Material Handling Cranes
  • Self Erecting Cranes
  • Telescopic Cranes
  • Tower Cranes

Construction Crane Hauling

tower craneWe can handle your Construction Crane transport. Oversize crane? No problem. We break down and make multiple shipments when needed. Overweight crane? No problem. We will separate into pieces to ensure your crane is hauled safely. Too wide? No problem. Crawlers can be removed if necessary. Too tall? No problem. Our carriers can meet every need specific to your construction crane transport.

Mobile Crane Hauling

crawler craneTired or Treads? No problem. We can safely transport your Mobile Crane from pick up to drop off. Our carriers have the right trailer for your heavy haul move. Lowboy trailer transport available to haul your mobile crane fast and efficient with our dedicated drivers.

Mobile Crane Transport Types

  • All Terrain Cranes
  • Boom Cranes
  • Carry Deck Cranes
  • Crawler Cranes
  • Loader Cranes
  • Mobilift Cranes
  • Pick and Carry Cranes
  • Rough Terrain Cranes
  • Side Lift Cranes

Industrial Crane Transport Types

  • Bridge Cranes
  • Bulk Handling Cranes
  • Gantry Cranes
  • Hammerhead Cranes
  • Jib Cranes
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Railroad Cranes
  • Stacker Cranes

Industrial Crane Hauling

tower craneWe can handle your Construction Crane transport. Oversize crane? No problem. We break down and make multiple shipments when needed. Overweight crane? No problem. We will separate into pieces to ensure your crane is hauled safely. Too wide? No problem. Crawlers can be removed if necessary. Too tall? No problem. Our carriers can meet every need specific to your construction crane transport.

Marine Crane Hauling

deck crane trailerWhether your Marine Crane handles equipment transfers, containers, scrap or submerges in the sea, we can haul them. Let our carriers match their trailer with your marine crane to get the job done safely and on time.

Marine Crane Transport Types

  • Deck Cranes
  • Floating Cranes
  • Harbor Cranes
  • Level Luffing Cranes
  • Marine Cranes

Recent Cranes Moved With VeriTread

terex rt175 crane
This Terex RT175 Crane was sold through IronPlanet and is shipping from Humble, TX to San Benito, TX. The customer didn't want to disassemble it so it had to ship via an RGN trailer. Weighing in at 98,200 lbs, this crane required permits for weight and also height. This crane was shipping inside Texas so only one set of permits was needed, but still required an experienced heavy hauler to navigate the compliance, proper route, and deliver it safe and sound. We love everything big, wide, and heavy.
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Grove rt875cc
This Grove RT875 Crane was sold through GovPlanet and is shipped from Lake Butler, FL to Houston, TX. An RGN trailer was used for the 800+ mile trip. This crane weighed in at 94,501 lbs, and required permits for weight and also height from Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. This shipping customer has used VeriTread many times for large shipments and we appreciate them trusting us to deliver on time and within budget. We have the best network of heavy haulers in North America.
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terex 750 crane
This Terex T750 Crane weighed in at 96,988 lbs and was shipped intrastate from Madisonville, KY to Bayboro, NC. This shipment was overweigh and overwidth and necessitated special permits from each state. After scheduling pick up and drop off dates, our carrier delivered on time and within budget. The shipper was also able to offer loading assistance at both the pick up and drop off locations which saved them on the overall transport cost.
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FMC HC-238
This FMC HC-238 Crane was sold through IronPlanet and is shipping from Lake Point, UT to Brownsville, TX. Luckily the customer had the crane already disassembled. The boom/jib were not attached and the counterweights were separated. This haul required several trailer loads, but having everything already disassembled saved the customers thousands of dollars. This was a tricky haul, but VeriTread's transport providers were able to execute this move with no hassle to the customer. It takes a highly specialized carrier provider to pull off a move like this and we have the expertise to make it happen at the best rates.
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terex rt175 4x4 crane
This Terex RT175 Crane was picked up in Great Falls, MT and delivered to Kingston, NY. The 98,000 lb crane was loaded onto a RGN trailer for the 2,000+ mile trip across half the country once the overweight cross-state permits were ready. This was a long haul heavy haul and required an experienced carrier to navigate the compliance, proper route, and deliver it safe and sound. We can execute loads that other companies turn away. We love the challenge and thrive on helping our customers succeed.
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lima 600ta crane
This Lima 600TA Crane was recently transported over 300 Miles to it's next job site. We picked up the big red machine in Mercer, PA and delivered it to Baltimore, MD. It measured 31 feet in length, 11 feet in width, 13 feet in height and weighed 83,200 pounds. This shipment did require permits across states and our carrier handled quickly and professionally. If you need your Lima 600TA Crane, or any other heavy equipment, transported to the next money-making jobsite list it with us and let you professional vetted carriers give you the best rates on freight.
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At VeriTread, we have hauled all shapes and sizes of cranes. From Aerial Cranes to Rough Terrain Cranes, let our team of dedicated professionals take the heavy out of heavy haul. Trust our carriers to ensure proper trailers and equipment is used, order all necessary permits and have pilot cars available when needed. Your off road motorized construction equipment will be handled with care by professionals to ensure the crane is secure for a safe move. They follow guidelines and exemptions set forth by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in regards to securement and any driving exemptions. Our carrier network excels in customer satisfaction by maintaining the highest level of customer service. We expect the best!
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Find the Right Pilot Car or Escort Vehicle

As expert guides for heavy haul drivers, pilot cars are crucial to the safe transport of oversized hauls of heavy equipment. Not only do pilot cars alert the public to the presence of oversized loads, but they also help to provide a level of safety for the truck drivers. These drivers are trained professionals who specialize in this type of driving. When shipping heavy equipment, it can be difficult and time-consuming to find the right transport provider to handle your load. Luckily, VeriTread is here for you! Our service connects shippers with qualified transport companies around the country who have extensive experience in transporting heavy haul freight along with other heavy machinery and oversize loads, they will also know the correct permits and have contacts for pilot cars when they are needed.

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We Have Transport Options Based on Specific Trailers

Removable Gooseneck Trailer – RGN

rgn trailer

Max dimensions for a RGN:
• Freight weight: 42,000 lbs
• Well length: 29 ft. (main deck)
• Well width: 8.5 ft.
• Legal freight height: 11.6 ft

Flatbed Trailer

flatbed trailer

Max dimensions for a Flatbed:
• Freight weight: 48,000 lbs
• Legal length: 53 ft
• Legal width: 8.5 ft
• Legal freight height: 8.5 ft

Lowboy Trailer

lowboy trailer

Max dimensions for a Lowboy:
● Well length – 24 ft to 29.6 ft
● Well height – 18 into 24 in
● Legal width – 8.5 ft
● Legal freight height – 11.5 ft to 12 ft
● Legal overall load height – 14 ft

Stepdeck Trailer

step deck trailer

Max dimensions for a Stepdeck:
• Freight weight: 48,000 lbs
• Legal length: 53 ft
• Legal width: 8.5 ft
• Legal freight height: 11 ft

Find Heavy Haul Loads Near You

VeriTread has you covered with oversize, overweight, and specialized loads
If you’re an open deck transport provider, you’re well aware that you need to look for a special type of load to haul. VeriTread’s load board has everything from Lowboy & RGN to flatbed freight that you won’t find anywhere else. We go the extra mile, with advanced search and filter capabilities that instantly connect you with the best paying freight in the industry. Login or Sign Up and let VeriTread help you grow your business and take the headache out of heavy haul.

Let VeriTread Locate A Construction Crane Transport Company for You

We work with thousands of vetted and certified carriers that specialize in construction transport.
crane and truck

With VeriTread, you can rest assured that your crane will be delivered safely and securely. We partner with drivers who have expertise in hauling cranes. Using our one of a kind software we can find a trailer perfect for transporting any size or type of crane. All it takes is accurate measurements when ordering so they know what their drivers need to transport efficiently from point A-to-point B in order for them not only deliver on time but also save costs by ensuring there are no hidden charges at delivery!

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