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Setting New Standards in Complex, Oversized, & Overweight Transport
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Project Freight Experts Dedicated To You

VeriTread Exchange is a next-generation full-service brokerage that specializes in project freight logistics. Our mission is to provide the industry’s best transport experience so our customers prosper in this high-demand world. We understand the necessity for first-class management and communication skills to efficiently connect vendors, suppliers, shippers, and others involved in the supply chain. Our experienced freight team has over 45 years of combined experience and delivers the best cargo experiences in the industry.
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We Are More Than Just A Project Logistics Company

We know every customer is unique and that is why we build every relationship on a framework of collaboration, understanding, and respect. We don’t just broker freight, we get involved, we commit, and we focus on helping your business thrive with our technology, our assets, and our passion to deliver. We partner with you, invest in the relationship, and become a part of your team. We take pride in maintaining excellent relationships with both our clients and logistic partners, delivering innovative results, and ensuring every shipment gets from A to B with optimal efficiency. As a result, we have earned a reputation for excellence based on our ability to understand, coordinate, and manage the unique needs of our clients and transport providers. Our unwavering commitment to high-quality service, support, and safety ensures that your success is our destination

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Planning, Risk Management, & Execution

When it comes to shipping project cargo, transportation and logistics demands are distinctive to each situation. At VeriTread Exchange, we plan, manage risk, and execute every job so that we deliver the best routes, equipment, and timeline for your cargo.
Planning is the most important step in project freight logistics management. From securing capacity and equipment to risk management, every link of project cargo matters and can significantly reduce costs and eliminate risks during the transportation process.
Risk management takes a prominent place in arranging project freight, especially in such a complex supply chain. While we pride ourselves on outstanding execution, we are also prepared for all the possible outcomes and pitfalls in the process of transportation and project logistics. Our specialists will overcome any obstacles to deliver a smooth finish.
Once all of the strategy work is done, it’s time to execute. We will organize, collect and manage all compliance, paperwork, and tracking. Our team will maintain clear communication, complete transparency, and will help execute the project cargo logistics.

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We Deliver Results Like No One Else

Our team of expert transport specialists and user-friendly technology deliver extraordinary results in the heavy haul and oversize freight segment with our vast network of trusted carriers. Project freight, multi-item, and multi-destination loads along with hundreds of other logistical challenges are all in a day's work for VeriTread Exchange. Our background in freight management and heavy haul transport is backed by our safety and on-time track records for moving large freight quickly and efficiently. Our solutions enable you to focus on your most important goals, your company, and your customers.
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