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Find Heavy Haul Loads In Louisiana

VeriTread makes it easy to find Heavy Haul loads in Louisiana.

Heavy Haul Loads In Louisiana

Finding heavy heavy haul and oversized loads in Louisiana has never been easier.  VeriTread offers the most USA and Canadian shipper direct freight on our load board than anyone else.  We have hundreds of open deck loads including flatbed, step deck, lowboy, and RGN.

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When you use VeriTread’s load board for oversize loads, you get access to the information you need to make the best decisions for your business. Our patented technology gives integrated dimensions, machinery weights, direct communication with shippers, trailer and permit requirements. This creates a more predictable carrier experience by clearly identifying all of the industry secrets and insider knowledge required to efficiently transport large items.

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DOT & Louisiana State Heavy Oversize Permit Information

PERMITS: Louisiana oversize permits are can be ordered for the number of days needed (usually one to three days). Must have permit prior to entering the state. Overweight permits are valid for 4 days.
OPERATING TIME: Sunrise to sunset seven days a week. Overweight only and not over 65′ overall length may have continuous travel.
RESTRICTED TRAVEL: Permit loads may not cross any bridge spanning the Mississippi River in the New Orleans area or be within 2 miles of such bridge from 6:30 am – 9:00 am and from 3:30 pm – 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Loads over 12′ wide may not travel on the Interstate system through Shreveport, Monroe, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans from 7:00 am – 9:00 am and from 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. The restricted areas are detailed on the permit and on the provision sheets. Vehicles and loads over 14′ wide may not travel on Interstate highways in Louisiana except for fiberglass swimming pools, tanks, boats and mobile homes (special restrictions apply). No travel on major holidays and in certain areas on Mardi Gras.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE.  VeriTread is not a permit service nor do we answer permit and escort requirements.  States are constantly changing their rules and regulations, so always read your permits and provision sheets carefully. Due to these changes, VeriTread can not guarantee the accuracy of the provided information.  Please use the link to the state's official DOT page to verify all oversize and over dimensional permitting information with your respective state.



59′-6″ trailer or load on Interstate and designated highways
65′ truck and trailer on other highways
Overhang: 4′ front, 8′ rear (over 59′-6″ length of load on trailer needs permit on all roads.)


8′-6″ Interstate and designated roads, 8′ on non-designated.


13′-6″ on non-designated roads
14′ on designated highways


80,000 Gross (with a Tridem axle, 83,400 on Interstate & 88,000 non-Interstate if licensed for it)

Interstate highway system:
Single – 20,000
Tandem – 34,000
Tridem – 42,000
Quad – 50,000

Non-Interstate highways:
Single – 20,000
Tandem – 37,000
Tridem – 45,000
Quad – 53,000









Gross Weights
5 axles – 108,000
6 axles – 120,000
7 axles – 132,000
8 axles – 152,000
* Vehicles must be registered for 88,000 lbs to run with overweight permits.
Axle Weights
Single – 24,000 if GVW is 120,000 pounds or less, 20,000 if GVW exceeds 120,000 pounds
Tandem – 48,000 if GVW is up to 120,000 pounds; but 45,000 if it exceeds 120,000 pounds
Tridem – 60,000
Vehicles must be registered for 88,000 to run with overweight permit.
Steer axle cannot exceed 13,000 pounds if tandem exceeds 40,000 pounds and gross weight exceeds 120,000 pounds.
Loads exceeding these dimensions or with GVW exceeding 232,000 pounds are considered as Super Loads.



Over 90′ – one escort
Over 125′ – State Police Escort


Over 12′ – one escort
Over 16′ – State Police Escort on 2-lane or multi-lane highways


Over 15′-10″ may requires height pole off interstate
Over 16′-6″ may require escort (depends on routes).

City of New Orleans (non-Interstate) – Police Escort needed if not on Interstate and:
Width over 12′
Height over 13′-6″
Length over 90′

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“Oversize Load” signs are required for all loads exceeding 10′ wide, over 75′ long or exceeding legal overhang. Flags are required on all over width loads. Flags must be placed on all four corners of the load and at any protrusions. Over-length must be flagged, no sign requirements. Rear overhang over 4′ must be flagged. NO sign or flag requirements for height only.

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