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Unlocking the Secrets of Lowboy Loads: Your Comprehensive Guide

June 6, 2023

 Peterbilt Lowboy Stinger
Are you a truck driver, fleet owner, or logistics manager looking to venture into the world of lowboy loads? In this comprehensive guide, we’ll answer all your questions about lowboy loads, from finding them to understanding what you can haul with a lowboy trailer. We’ll also dive into the specifics of lowboy freight and provide tips on how to find lucrative opportunities in this specialized niche. So, gear up and get ready to expand your horizons in the fascinating world of lowboy loads.


1. How do I Find Lowboy Loads?
2. What can you Haul with a Lowboy Trailer?
3. What is Lowboy Freight?
4. What are the Best Paying Loads for Lowboy Trailers?

Lowboy loads are an essential component of the heavy haul transportation industry, offering drivers and fleet owners unique opportunities to transport oversized and heavy equipment. In this article, we’ll explore the process of finding lowboy loads, the types of cargo typically hauled by lowboy trailers, and the key aspects of lowboy freight. We’ll also share expert tips on how to successfully navigate this specialized market.

How do I Find Lowboy Loads?

Finding lowboy loads may require a different approach compared to traditional freight. Here are some strategies to help you find opportunities:

  • Online Load Boards and Brokers: Many online platforms connect shippers with carriers, offering specialized load boards for heavy haul and lowboy loads. Registering with these platforms can give you access to a wide range of available jobs.
  • Networking and Industry Connections: Building relationships within the industry, such as with construction companies, industrial plant operators, and agricultural equipment dealers, can lead to lucrative contracts and ongoing work.
  • Government Contracts and Projects: Keep an eye on government tenders and infrastructure projects that may require heavy haul transportation services. Registering as a government contractor can open up new opportunities for lowboy loads.

What can you Haul with a Lowboy Trailer?

Lowboy trailers are designed to transport oversized and heavy cargo, including:

  • Construction Equipment: Excavators, bulldozers, cranes, and other large machinery commonly used in construction projects.
  • Industrial Machinery and Components: Turbines, generators, transformers, and other oversized industrial equipment.
  • Agricultural and Forestry Equipment: Tractors, harvesters, and logging equipment often require lowboy trailers for transportation.
  • Oversized Vehicles and Military Equipment: Armored vehicles, tanks, and other oversized military equipment can also be transported using lowboy trailers.


What is Lowboy Freight?

Lowboy freight refers to the specialized cargo that is hauled using lowboy trailers. This type of freight typically includes oversized and heavy equipment that cannot be transported using standard flatbed trailers due to height, weight, or size restrictions. Lowboy freight often requires special permits, escorts, and adherence to specific regulations governing heavy haul transportation.

What are the Best Paying Loads for Lowboy Trailers?

The best paying loads for lowboy trailers often come from industries with high demand for heavy haul transportation services and specialized equipment. Some factors that influence payment rates include:

  • High-Demand Industries and Equipment: Construction, mining, energy, and infrastructure projects often require the transportation of large, heavy, and expensive equipment, which can result in higher-paying lowboy loads.
  • Distance and Complexity: Longer distances and more complex transportation requirements, such as permits, escorts, and route planning, can lead to higher-paying jobs.
  • Specialized Experience and Reputation: Building a strong reputation and gaining specialized experience in handling specific types of lowboy freight can help you secure higher-paying loads.

To maximize your earnings from lowboy loads, focus on building relationships within high-demand industries, expanding your network, and showcasing your expertise in handling complex and challenging transportation projects.

Finding and securing lowboy loads requires a unique approach and understanding of the heavy haul transportation industry. By following the strategies and tips outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the world of lowboy loads and capitalize on the opportunities available in this specialized niche.

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