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Get Competitive Bids from the Industry's Best Transportation Service Providers. Experience the smartest transportation solution available.

Safer. Smoother. Smarter. Experience the most cost-effective Heavy-Haul solution available. Instantly post your Free, No-Obligation transport listing.


VeriTread is a secure online freight exchange where shipping customers can get competitive bids from a large network of reputable transportation providers.

The most cost-effective Heavy-Haul solution available.

How It Works

Kind Words

VeriTread has helped our business tremendously with the online tools and verification methods they help us implement. We are able to do so much more with an easy-to-use but powerful system. I can’t imagine trying to manage our business without VeriTread.”

—Jon Hall / President, International Iron

Transportation Providers

Grow, manage and optimize your heavy-haul business using VeriTread:

  • Exclusively for Highly Qualified Companies
  • Access to High Paying Freight
  • Fewer Middlemen and Smaller Fees
  • Online Tools Save You Time and Money

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Shipping Customers

Increase efficiency and decrease cost for your heavy-haul shipment operation:

  • Reduce Your Heavy-Haul Shipping Cost
  • Eliminate Heavy-Haul Shipping Uncertainty
  • Use Only Safe, Reputable Carriers
  • Save Time Using Our Online Tools

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Everything we do is designed to simplify and improve the heavy-haul transportation industry. We believe that by enhancing existing relationships, improving the accuracy of information, and reducing overall uncertainty, we will produce a better transportation experience for the benefit of all.

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