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3 Common Types of Semi-Trucks and Which One is Best For You

January 19, 2022

Semi-trucks, also known as semis, big rigs, or 18 wheelers, come in various shapes and sizes. They serve a wide number of purposes and have several options when it comes to transporting them.

There are many different types of semi-trucks, and each one requires different needs during transportation. Ideally, you should be familiar with some of the most common types of trailers and how you can go about transporting them.

Semi-Trucks Defined

Semi-trucks are vehicles that haul trailers and are seen all throughout the world. They play an essential part in our society by transporting various goods, including pharmaceuticals, food, furniture, and clothing. They range from oversize loads of heavy equipment to standard loads of household goods.

Some actually don’t realize trailers can be detached from semi-trucks, and they are not one giant vehicle. The actual semi-truck component is the main truck cab.

Some common types of semi-trucks you’ve probably seen on the road are sleeper trucks, day cabs, and custom haulers.

Sleeper trucks

Sleeper trucks are kind of like the name implies. They are semi-trucks with a dedicated living quarters behind the driver and passenger seat. These types of semi-trucks work well for long hauling. They can also be hooked up to a wide variety of trailers.

Sleeper trucks come in different styles and sizes. Many sleeper trucks you’ll see offer a basic sleeping area, but others can have elaborate living quarters with plenty of additional amenities.

Day cabs

A day cab tends to be a more basic semi-truck compared to a sleeper truck. They include a driver and passenger seat with additional rear windows. The added windows make it easier to back up providing more rearview area.

A day cab is best used for short trips. Their short bodies allow truck drivers to navigate the roads better and make it easier to drive through tight and more narrow areas. Day cabs can be fitted with nearly any trailer type, making them an incredibly useful vehicle for transportation.

Check out Driving Academy’s video on The Differences Between a Sleeper Cab and Day Cab Tractor.

Custom haulers

As the name implies, a custom hauler is a semi-truck that can be customized to serve a variety of purposes. A custom hauler allows businesses to add several features, like added towing capabilities, that can provide whatever transportation need they might have.

Custom haulers tend to have powerful engines, which makes these semi-trucks great at transporting oversize loads. Custom haulers are also great for long-distance transportation. Elegance on Eighteen Wheels Magazine shares The Smiths Biggest Production Peterbilt. Definitely a custom hauler you want to check out.

The Semi-Truck Shipping Process

Semi-trucks are tricky when it comes to selecting the right trailer to transport them. The more complex nature of shipping semi-trucks means you’ll have to be quite familiar with your vehicle’s specs. Most semi trucks are towed, or piggyback truck transport is used. Piggyback truck transport is where a semi truck tows multiple trucks to the back of one another. Up to 4 trucks can be piggybacked onto the original vehicle.

Some common options you might choose to trailer a semi are the step deck or flatbed trailer, but in some cases, you might need another specialty trailer.

Step deck trailers are lower to the ground, which makes them great at transporting taller semi-trucks. On the other hand, a flatbed trailer is an overall versatile trailer that can haul a wide variety of semi-trucks.

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