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How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Forklift?

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Transportation of heavy machines requires a good amount of time and professional help as it involves lots of complex decisions and proper planning, which must be precise to avoid disastrous mistakes. Forklift transporting is one of them.

What is forklift transporting?

Forklift transporting is the process of moving your forklift machine from one place to another. This is always over a long distance and can not be driven on the road as a vehicle itself. Forklifts are legally not considered a vehicle, but can be carried by another road vehicle or water transports (such as cargo ships).

There are various types of forklifts used to perform different tasks and have different sizes. Some of the common ones include:

Counterbalance forklift

This is more like a regular standard type of forklift, which has a unique design that helps it balance the weight of the load with its weight, and it can be operated easily with the help of the three wheels that ease turning.

Warehouse forklift

This is the most popular type of forklift, which can be found almost in every warehouse. It is a small type of forklift built to perform well when it comes to loading and unloading deliveries.

Industrial forklift

They are huge and used to handle loads on an industrial scale, making them the strongest forklift as they can carry more weight than any other forklift.

Rough terrain forklift

As the name implies, they are equipped with strong traction tires (like that of a tractor), which give them strong grips and downforce to work adequately in a rough terrain.

Telescopic forklift

They are often called teletrucks, and they have a joint design of a crane and an average forklift which gives it a strongly elongated arm making it possible to reach higher than any forklift.

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How safe is forklift transporting?

The safety of your forklift is guaranteed as long as you transport it with certified and qualified professionals who have the right amount of experience with adequate tools or pieces of equipment and are capable of:

Understanding the equipment size

The first step taken is involved in the general observation of the machine (in this case, the forklift) to obtain the basic information, including weight, height, and widths.

Choosing the right type of transportation

Making sure that the load is not too big for the trailer is always advisable for the long-distance movement to reduce time loss and improve efficiency.

Tackling emergencies

You must be able to trust your equipment with people or specialists that can solve any problem that occurs before, during, and after the shipment.

Meeting deadlines

Time is always everything when it comes to heavy machines as they can not be replaced easily when absent from projects they have been booked for.

Costs of forklift transporting

Forklift transporting is a very complicated project to embark on, and because all movement is different, it attracts different costs based on the following factors:

Size of forklift

Forklifts are designed differently, and they do not come in the same sizes or weight as the heavier and bigger ones costs you more to transport.

Type of container

There are closed or open containers to choose from. Each is used for a different task and depends on your destination. For example, closed containers are used for longer or international shipping to protect from the rain, while open containers are used for closer shipping with better weather conditions.

Weather condition

Shipping costs more during the wet season than the dry as it is riskier to face endless rain and waves that often lead to emergency repairs, stopovers, and time loss.

Distance and destination

Distance to be traveled is one of the major cost determiners. The easier your pass ways, the cheaper your cost.


This is always important and sometimes costs a little above your expectations, but it is really important to add as it helps cover your forklift monetary needs in case things do not go as expected. However, the payment is always made to the company as they already have their issuance.

Due delivery date

In case you have to make an urgent shipment in a short period, you will have to pay a higher cost. The process will be quicker than usual and may require more attention from the shipping company.

Delivery trucks

The bigger and heavier your forklift is, the bigger the truck used and the more your shopping cost.

Forklift transporting is a very difficult process, yet it remains unappreciated by the community as it seems easier than other heavy machine transports, and while it is not so common, it involves one of the most delicate workflows and requires highly trained individuals to handle all the challenges associated with the shipment.


Forklifts are essential types of equipment characterized by size, weight, design, and functions which makes them useful in all projects, and needs for their abilities often lead to their demand, making their shipment highly important and delicate.

Forklift transporting requires a very high level of skill and commitment to pull off. Getting professional help is an easier way to move and guarantee delivery to the destination at the appointed time.

Do you need to transport a forklift? We can connect you to the right carriers with the right equipment. For more information, contact VeriTread today!

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