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Savings simplified.
Get competitive rates from industry leading carriers and freight forwarders.

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Safer, Smoother, Smarter. Heavy-haul has never been easier.

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Instant estimates, innovative decision tools, and access to the most powerful heavy-haul network available.

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Safer, Smoother, Smarter

The most cost-effective Heavy-Haul solution available.

Savings Without Compromise

Savings Without Compromise

VeriTread saves you money by letting you shop your freight among thousands of highly qualified Transportation Service Providers (TSP's). Easily collect estimates, name your own price, or start a public or blind-bid freight auction. It's safe, secure, and effective.

Hit the Target

Hit the Target

VT's Marketplace is limited to professional transportation service providers (TSP's) who are properly bonded, licensed, and insured. Restricting access to only qualified TSP's reduces overall risk and helps ensure a positive shipping experience.

A Feel for the Deal

A Feel for the Deal

No two equipment deals are the same. Some deals require a great freight price while others require exceptionally fast service. VeriTread's marketplace gives you the flexibility to balance your service and price requirements on a deal by deal basis. You can directly dispatch, request blind bids, or start a freight auction. Engage only select groups or shop for rates with thousands of qualified service providers.

Fair and Straightforward

Fair and Straightforward

Our negotiation engine allows you to negotiate deals in a fair and straightforward way. With a decade of heavy-haul experience behind us, we know how to set clear expectations and assign responsibility in a way that minimizes finger-pointing and other unexpected surprises.

  • Service Providers
  • Service Providers
"VeriTread gives us true peace of mind. From the quote to the boat we know we are dealing with professional companies and we know we are getting the best price possible."

David Lucas
United Kingdom

Smarter, More Informed Decisions

VeriTread's suite of innovative decision-making tools empower our users to work more efficiently by eliminating uncertainty and providing immediate access to the information you require.

  • Service Providers - Control Panel

    Control Center

    Manage. Monitor. Communicate.

    The VT Control Center gives you control and visibility into all your transportation and international shipping activities so you can make smarter, more informed decisions. Effortlessly manage bids, track shipments, monitor service providers, and receive communications in real-time.

  • Shipping Customers - Shipping Estimator

    Shipping Estimator

    Why Wait on a Freight Rate?

    With 2 patents pending, the VT Freight Estimator saves you time by automating your estimating process. As the only estimating tool built around actual carrier costs, you can now issue fast and reliable freight estimates with the click of a button. This will enable you to be more responsive to your customers and close deals faster and with greater certainty.

  • Specs Database

    Specs Database

    Size Does Matter.

    Six years in the making, VeriTread's specification database contains detailed transportation dimensions for over 35,000 pieces of equipment — the largest database of its kind. Every item and detail has been meticulously cataloged and includes stock photos and schematic diagrams. Easily switch between English, Metric, or Cubic Meter dimensions.

  • Load Advisor

    Load Advisor

    Making Lite Work of Heavy-Haul.

    The VT Load Advisor reduces mistakes and eliminates uncertainty by clearly identifying all of the industry secrets and insider knowledge required to efficiently transport heavy machinery. It intuitively identifies and communicates required trailer types, loading restrictions, and even necessary permits.

    This patent-pending technology puts everyone on the same page, creating a more predictable transportation experience and an easy-to-understand transportation game plan.

  • Carrier Cloud

    Carrier Cloud

    Make Informed Decisions

    The VT Carrier Cloud meticulously catalogues every carrier and freight forwarder in order to understand their exact capabilities, insurance levels, and service geographies. Combine this with our member-based feedback system and you get a clear picture of who you are doing business with. This is just one of the benefits of this patent-pending technology.
    Tell me more about the VT Carrier Cloud...

"VeriTread's tools are easy to use and they have made our transportation program more predictable and reliable. Whether we are transporting a machine across the road or across the globe we have come to rely on VeriTread."

Jon Hall
International Iron, Orlando, FL.

Easy, Powerful, Complete

Gain a competitive advantage by harnessing the power
of the world's most advanced heavy-haul solution.

VeriTread's Enterprise solution effectively reduces risk, saves money, and minimizes headaches for high volume heavy equipment shipping customers. Discover what many dealerships, manufacturers, and rental companies already know. Discover VT Enterprise. Discover the fastest ROI in the industry »

Please contact us today for your free demonstration and pricing information: [email protected]

  1. Simple Savings

    Savings Made Simple

    The flexibility to manage the bidding process on a deal by deal basis. Use direct dispatch, solicit bids from preferred carriers, or start a freight auction.

  2. Risk Management

    Reduce Risk and Monitor Compliance

    VeriTread monitors carrier insurance levels, past performance, and other key safety data to ensure you know who you are doing business with.

  3. Network

    Build & Optimize Your Own Transportation Network

    Effortlessly invite your current carriers to join or you can easily find and evaluate new ones from inside the VeriTread marketplace.

  4. Automate


    Gain a competitive advantage by replacing inefficient and error-prone processes with automated mobile solutions that boost productivity and increase your revenue.

  5. Centralized Freight Management

    Centralized Freight Management

    All decision makers can see the full freight picture from any location or mobile device. Improve overall truck utilization and allow your shipping managers to easily spot backhaul opportunities.

  6. Analytics

    Data Insights

    Improved analytics will allow you to better align capacity with demand, boost efficiency, and improve your overall transportation operation.

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