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The VT Carrier Cloud

  • Smarter Decision Making: Makes the carrier engagement and vetting process automated and easier. By centralizing a carrier's information, shippers can easily download insurance certificates, verify W-9's, or see who else inside the industry uses a particular carrier.
  • Grow your network or help a friend grow theirs. Easily share your carriers with friends or business associates with the push of a button. This allows you to quickly and easily grow your network or refer service providers you trust. It is like a closed loop social network for shippers and their trusted transportation service providers.
  • Improved Management with Added Flexibility: VT's Carrier Cloud gives you the ability to group and manage carriers in a logical and useable way. You may organize your carriers by branch, by capability, or by the specific service geographies. You may have a group of carriers that you designate as preferred or specialized. The ability to engage in and communicate with these various groups can add significant value for the shipper. Engage service providers individually, as a group, or as a whole.
  • Simple Savings: VT's Carrier Cloud saves you money by identifying the most efficient type of service providers for a particular job. You don't need a 9 axle lowboy to move a mini-excavator and you are not going to get that Cat D9 into the back of a moving van. Save time and hassle by letting VeriTread get the right freight to the right people; every time.
  • Nothing Better than a Backhaul Price: When service providers decide to run inside the VT Carrier Cloud we gain a comprehensive understanding of their routes and schedules. We know which carriers have empty space on their trailer and which carriers need a load back home. We combine the knowledge from our carrier cloud with our patent pending freight matching technology to proactively create win-win situations that benefit carriers and shippers.

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